I wrote a book! It took a long time (6 months), lots of editing, and learning about self-publishing. But now it’s on the market guys. Check it out here:

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Lark Malloi is a seventeen year old orphan living in a broken world run by a corrupted government. When Miss Ebony, the elderly woman who had taken her in, dies, Lark suddenly finds herself in the underground facility of the Revolution. The Revolution is the secret group formed to overthrow the government, including the domineering government officials and the ruthless President Desend. Lark gladly joins the Revolution and is chosen to go on a dangerous mission. Finding by Kameron Abilla is Divergent meets The Screwtape Letters.

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Testimonials on the sample:

“I have a feeling this will be one of those books where you stay up all night and can’t put it down. The last sentence gives me goose bumps and makes me crazy because I have to wait to read the rest of the book! I can’t shake the feeling that there is so much more to Lark than you can see on the surface. I almost can’t wait to figure out her secrets!” Ella H.

“When I started reading I was very intrigued to see what was coming next, I want to read the rest of it!” Celeste S.

“The first chapter of Finding leaves you trying to find the secrets of each character and wanting to know more.” Malory

“This chapter was the beginning of an epic journey that I can’t wait to go on! Truly inspired piece of art and I can’t wait for more!” Ryan H.

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