Racing to Save

In June 2013 I was able to go to Nauvoo. As we drove away from Carthage, our tour guide shared this story with us:

We aren’t totally sure who yelled, “the Mormons are coming” after Joseph and Hyrum Smith were shot and killed in Carthage; the call that made the mob leave, but it might have been Samuel Smith.

Samuel, younger brother of Joseph and Hyrum, saw Governor Ford with Emma and sensed things weren’t right. He raced to Carthage and was chased and injured in the night.

When he got to Carthage he saw Willard Richards helping injured John Taylor into the other room. Samuel took them to Huntington hotel, then a doctor came.

{this is what gets me crying}

Lucy Mack Smith really lost three sons at Carthage. How? Because Samuel Smith died afterwards likely from the wounds he received racing to save his brothers.  

“Samuel was the first Latter-day Saint to arrive at the jail,but by then Joseph and Hyrum were already dead. The violence was over, the mob had retreated, and Samuel had a piercing pain in his side.”

“After Lucy viewed the bodies, Samuel said, “Mother, I have had a dreadful distress in my side ever since I was chased by the mob.” 



“On July 30, just 34 days after Joseph and Hyrum died, Samuel died.”

This story shows me the power of their family bonds and the love they must’ve felt for each other. I can imagine Samuel in my head racing on horseback through the woods because he wants to be there for his brothers and save them. I can see him going so fast with his jaw clenched because he is so determined.


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