Preparing for General Conference


General Conference is this weekend and I am so excited. I love Conference and Conference weekends are my absolute favorite out of the whole year. General Conference is so important and I know that if we truly listen and study the words, we can feel comfort and guidance and better our lives.


“But then he added, “But my general conference talk is very different.  I will normally go through twelve to fifteen drafts to be certain that it is what the Lord would have me say.”  Many times since then I have asked myself, “If an Apostle will go through twelve to fifteen drafts, is it pleasing to the Lord if I listen to or read his message one or two times?  I don’t think so.”

– Elder Neil L Anderson


“In the sessions and in the several satellite meetings, truths [are] taught, doctrines expounded, exhortations given, enough to save the whole world from all its ills – AND  I MEAN FROM ALL ITS ILLS. . . .”

– President Spencer W. Kimball

I’ve put together a handout to fill out in preparation for conference, check it out!

Conference Questions Handout


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