An Open Letter To All My People – India Week One

An Open Letter To All My People

Hey lovers– I AM NOT IN AMERICA! 

I hope you all are okay without me, but I also hope there is a hollow feeling in your chest at all times because of my absence.

I can’t write even a tenth of what has happened; every day is packed full with life experiences I would pay millions for. If you really want to know what’s happening here in India, take me out to lunch. Or ask me in the school hallway in passing. (that was sarcastic, don’t do that)

Here are a few things in list form (SO much has happened this is so hard)

  1. You all know I get excited easily about literally everything so imagine me in India. I freak out all the time. My dog tag still makes me happy.
  2. Traveling was fun. I am with the greatest people & I am never not laughing. When we finally got through to the country we were so obviously & embarrassingly tourists in our single file line with matching shirts—Ashtyn & I were laughing so hard.
  3. Spent the day in Delhi: our first stop was McDonald’s. I learned how crazy driving is here. It’s absolute nuts & I love it. While shopping we were harassed by beggars and street vendors.
  4. Every male stares at you here & I have never felt so objectified. I try to stick with Sam cause we are buddies.
  5. No offense but I haven’t felt homesick or missed anyone this whole time. The only negative part of this trip was one night when we went to the market I wanted to explore instead of picking out fabric for hours but I couldn’t because I am a female and I can’t do anything safely without a male. I can’t think of the word but I felt the opposite of empowered. Plus every male is freaking checking you out so obviously. That night I read a lot of letters & prayed.
  6. My school is Shili, & I am in love with them. This morning we watched their chants & when they prayed to the goddess of education I felt the Spirit. I knew I would find my God in every culture. I love the kids I can’t say that enough. They are so polite & finally warming up to us. I LOVE THEM. 
  7. The deaf & blind school is a beautiful thing to see. I am with the blind girls & I really stressed out wondering how to teach & adapt my lesson. But they are so sweet and it worked out great. 
  8. Caden I’ve been praying and reading my scriptures every day. You know I can’t miss a day. 
  9. Thank you everyone for your letters. They have made me so happy.

      Well I’m out for now! Dream about me. Think about me daily. Love, Kam


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