To All My Homies, Lovers, and Friends – India Week Two

To All My Homies, Lovers, and Friends

First off I hope you all appreciate my hilarious blog titles.

I am having one of the greatest adventures of my life, hanging out in the foothills of the Himalayas. 

Every morning as we drive around India I think to myself, “I am so incredibly happy.” My happiness level is full to overflowing.

I love my kids so much. When I gave them the beanie babies I tried to have them pick one at a time but word got out about them & the room was stampeded into. I have never seen happier children. It made me so happy. 

Mom thank you so much for allowing me to have experienced that.

At one of the temples I was waiting in line for the blessing & I had this overwhelming feeling of, “this is what I want to do my whole life.”

We’ve got a rooftop squad going on, starting with Sam, Makai, Rach, Grace & I (but we are all inclusive). We sit on the roof and have deep talks.  #lovenight

Quote from Sam: So many synthetic banners keep us back from what could be our life.

Shoutout to Tanner. He’s the best. And Dave & I are enemies most days. It’s his senior year. Tamra is my best friend and I call her mom. I love these people so much, with my whole heart and soul. 

I am in India. How crazy is that. 

Love you all, please have a salad waiting for me at home. 



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