What to wear in India

If you’re headed to India, you might wonder what you should plan on wearing. Here are some tips:

I wore comfortable sandals (Pali Hawaii Jesus Sandals) the whole time, and old Nikes when I hiked. That is all I brought shoe wise. Tevas or Chacos would work great too.

Whenever you’re traveling to a new country, it’s important to keep in mind the culture dress code and their conception of what’s ‘modest’. What is appropriate to wear and what isn’t?

In India, I would not wear shorts. If you’re going to wear shorts, make sure they are around knee length. No leggings (unless your shirt covers your butt) or super tight clothes.

Jeans I think would be too hot, depending on when you’re going. I wore parachute type pants the whole time. Light cotton pants, or light sweats. Make sure you’re comfortable and check the weather.

Skirts and dresses are perfect, keep in mind the length though! Maxi is best.

As far as tops go, Make sure you don’t show cleavage and make sure you have some sort of sleeve.

A good idea is to bring minimal clothing and buy some traditional outfits when you’re there. And I don’t mean a Sari, (although you should buy one) those are not worn every day. But if you get a few every day outfits, you will fit in perfectly and feel comfortable.

If you’re wondering why no shorts, no leggings, no sleeveless, here is why: first off it is disrespectful within the culture that covers their body completely. Also, in India is is more culturally acceptable to stare. Especially if you’re a westerner and in a non-touristy area, you will be stared at wherever you walk. The men stare, see these articles:



Because of this, you will likely feel more comfortable the more covered you are.


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