The importance of self love

I think that many people don’t love themselves enough or at all. I think it’s very important to love yourself and who you are. If you don’t, you’re often unhappy and bitter. People are also attracted to confidence, so one needs to be confident in themselves. Here are some of my ideas to help foster self love and feel lighter in life:

  • Begin your day thinking instead of getting on your phone first thing. This will help you start your day to live intentionally.
  • Journal. This will help you ponder life instead of just wandering through it.
  • Talk happy. Don’t complain. How you talk is how you think.
  • Do art. Be creative. Have side projects. You need happy outlets that will create and foster talents.
  • Do things that remind you you’re alive. Life is PRECIOUS and happiness will come from loving it.
  • Don’t be numb to anything. Self satisfaction comes from feeling things and you’ll feel alive. Might as well let your heart break over everything.
  • Learn something new. Puts some worth in your abilities.
  • HUG.
  • Don’t put yourself or family down when talking to friends. This shows people you’re confident and you’re respectful of people.
  • Talk to yourself.
  • Have intellectual conversations with people.
  • Reward yourself. You’re doing good things and you deserve to treat yourself.
  • Focus on your positive attributes.


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