What to Bring on an Overnight Flight

I recently flew for 25 hours total in one day. We stopped to fill up, and switched planes once but the time in the airport was short lived. From flights like this, here’s what you need to know:

Wear comfortable clothes.

I would recommend layering. I wore loose fitting pants over soccer shorts and after the flight started I slipped my pants off! I was sitting next to friends so this was not strange, and it helped me be a million times more comfortable. I also wore sandals with compression socks, which helped in easily taking off my shoes.

Here are the essentials you must bring with you:

  • neck pillow
  • headphones
  • sleeping pills/motion sickness pills
  • journal to write your thoughts
  • compression socks
  • contact/glasses supplies
  • snacks
  • chapstick/lotion
  • makeup to freshen up at the end of the flight
  • gum

Get up and walk around.

It is extremely important that on such long flights you get up and walk around at some point. This is good for your help, will help your legs, and help you not go crazy. Walk to the back of the plane, brush your teeth, then stretch your legs major.


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